All medical items in one space.

Tbilisi Medic combines all the necessary medical equipment in one space for clinics, doctors and patients.

სამედიცინო სადისტრიბუციო კომპანიები

Our directions

Tbilisi Medic combines 5 directions of medical services: patient care products, consumables, furniture and equipment, laboratory tools, installation of medical equipment and their subsequent services. Most importantly, you can use our services in any region of Georgia easily, safely and comfortably.

General medical equipment and furniture

Furniture and Equipment needed for all medical facilities ensuring efficient and safe working process.

Medical Equipment Engineering

Tbilisi Medic engineers ensure the provision of the specifics, instructions and Terms of Use of medical equipment.

Laboratory materials and equipment

Everything required for the proper functioning of the lab. Wide selection of laboratory equipment, materials and hardware.

High-tech surgical and diagnostic equipment

The next-generation of high-tech equipment, providing an accurate and fast diagnostic and surgical services to medical institutions.

Patient care products

Tbilisi Medic Showroom presents all medical equipment in one space for anyone looking for patient care or rehabilitation products, according to different types of operations or conditions.


All consumables required for functioning of the clinic.

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Our Services

Patient Care items include all the medical products that are necessary for the patient during the treatment process ongoing at home or in the clinic. Tbilisi Medical Showroom combines the products of the best brands throughout the world, such as: Jonson & Jonson medical, Nidec, Bausch, Gima, Mindray, sonoscape, Turmed.


Special offers

In Tbilisi Medic you can buy orthopedic devices that are used for injuries of different parts and degrees of the body.


Tbilisi Medic actively supplies medical products to both B2B and B2C markets. Including such well-known clinics and universities as: Geo Hospitals, Pineo, University of Georgia and David Gagua Clinic. In addition, it serves laboratories like: Megalab, Med Diagnostics, Aversi, Batumi Family Medicine Center. Currently, Tbilisi Medic includes about 1600 facilities and continues to grow throughout Georgia.