Terms and Conditions

Return Policy Product Return Conditions 1.1. Products are subject to return if: 1.1.1 The product has a manufacturing defect (excluding mechanical damage). 1.1.2 The store made an error while ordering, resulting in an incorrect model and / or products. 1.2. Tbilisi Medic provides transportation of returned products to the customers in case: The product does not comply with the order and / or technical specifications placed on the website; The product has a manufacturing defect; The product is damaged during transportation; 2. Product Return Conditions 2.1. Products are subject to return within 7 (seven) days since purchase, in case: 2.1.1 The packaging of the products is not damaged, the appearance of the goods, consumer properties, stamps, factory labels, etc. are preserved. 2.1.2 Products were not used. 2.2. When returning the product, you must submit a purchase receipt, or any other document confirming payment; As well as the buyer's ID card. 2.3. If you want to return the product, please contact Information Center of Tbilisi Medic in advance and inform about the return of the product; 2.4. To initiate the process, you need to inform the company about the identifiable data of the returned product including order number, order date, date of order delivery and reason for a product return (it may be necessary to upload a photo of the product and proof of payment and send it to Tbilisi Medic E-mail: info.tbilisimedic.ge 3.1. Tbilisi Medic reimburses the cost of transportation when returning/changing a product to the customer, in case: The product does not comply with the order and / or technical specifications placed on the website; The product has a manufacturing defect; The product is damaged during transportation; Delivery Policy Delivery service is available throughout Georgia. Standard delivery service in Tbilisi In case of ordering before 1 PM, you will receive the order on the following working day (except weekends and holidays!) In case of ordering after 1 PM, the order will be delivered within two working days (except weekends and holidays!) Delivery cost: 5 GEL Delivery service in the regions of Georgia In case of ordering before 12:00 (noon), you will receive the order by the end of the third working day (except weekends and holidays!) In case of ordering after 12:00 (noon), you will receive the product by the end of the fourth working day (except weekends and holidays!) Delivery cost: 12 GEL Due to restrictions in the country, delivery times may change. If the address provided by the customer is incorrect and / or it is not possible to contact the customer, the purchased item will be returned to the sender and will be re-shipped within 2 working days after communication with the customer, the shipping fee will be paid by the recipient. Privacy Promise of personal data We, the team of Tbilisi Medic, promise that: We will take care of the security and protection of your personal data; We do not use your data illegally; Provide you with complete and comprehensive information regarding the processing of your personal data at any time. How the law protects you Like the Personal Data Privacy Protection, these data are protected by the Personal Data Protection Law of Georgia. By law, you have the right to request information about the processing of your data. You have the right to receive the following information: What data is processed about you; Purpose of data processing; Legal basis of data processing; How your data was collected; To whom was your data transferred; Base and purpose of data release You can request a copy of the information processed by us. By law you have the right to request your personal data to be corrected, updated, added, blocked, deleted or destroyed if it is incomplete, inaccurate, not updated or if it has been collected and processed in violation of the law. We comply with Georgian law, which may prevent us from deleting your personal data immediately. Such obligations may arise from anti-money laundering, tax legislation, commercial banking and consumer protection legislation. The company has the obligation to provide the information to you as soon as you request. We have the right to use personal data only if we have a specific contractual and / or legal basis for it. The company has a legal basis for the use of your information, which implies the existence of a business-related and / or commercial purpose. It is important that even in this case, the processing of information by the company is not aimed at harming your interests. For what we use your personal information: To communicate with you; To increase the intensity of website use; To meet your requirements, to develop new ways of cooperation and to develop our business; To develop and implement effective marketing activities; To learn how customers use our products and services; To receive advice or recommendations regarding our products and services; To develop / manage our brands, products and services; To deliver our products and services; To implement and manage customer payments; To reveal financial crime, for reporting and prevention; To manage the risks; to comply with laws and regulations relevant to us; Respond to complaints and find ways to resolve them; To manage our business effectively and properly, which includes the financial position, business opportunities, planning, communications and corporate governance; To fulfill the rights and obligations; Our goal: Data update, identifying products and services you are interested in and providing information; Development of products and services; To Define Customer Focus Groups to offer you new products or services; Effective performance of our legal duties and contractual obligations; To ensure compliance with relevant regulations. From what sources do we access personal information? We can access personal information from the sources provided by you and the website: tbilisimedic.ge We receive data from you in the following cases: When you contact us to get our products or services; When communicating by phone and / or e-mail When you use our websites, mobile apps and web chat; When sending emails; Information security We feel special responsibility for the issue of security and take a number of measures to protect personal identification information. Your Personal identification information is available on our website only if you provide your password and email. The password is encrypted. We recommend that you do not share your password with anyone. Besides, Your personal identification information is stored on a secure server, on which only relevant staff and contractors have access. Regardless, you enter your personal credit card details on our website when buying our products, your credit card information is not accessible and saved by us. Your credit card is under the control of our partner bank. Unfortunately, it is impossible for any data transmission over the internet or wireless network to be absolutely and guaranteed safe. We take commercially reasonable security measures to protect our data and try to make connections with organizations, which have the same approach. However, it is beyond our responsibilities to keep information safe from any web related threats or third party actions. If you have any questions regarding to our Information Protection Policy, our rights and responsibilities, or the processing of your data, please contact us using the following communication channels: Address: Lubliana street N28a, Tbilisi, Georgia Call: +995 (032) 237 51 77 Email: Info@tbilisimedic.ge By electronically marking of your agreement to the terms and conditions you acknowledge that you agree to this Privacy Policy and at the same time the information you provide is accurate and truthful data. The information was provided at your own request and for this purpose you have all the rights and permits provided by law. Also, by electronically marking, you acknowledge that we are allowed, within the law, at any time and in any quantity to request and receive information about you including personal data for verifications, comparisons, analyzing, storing and fulfillment of legislative and / or contractual obligations.